Sloth Print Kitchen Apron Set


(11 customer reviews)

The Sloth Print Kitchen Apron Set can help you to make your life fun while preparing food at the kitchen. You can even use the Sloth Print Kitchen Apron Set at commercial kitchens, beauty and nail salons, flower shops and many other places depending on the requirement. The complete set is machine washable and you will get the support to keep them clean. They have an anti-wrinkle design, which can help you to keep on using for an extended period of time.

11 reviews for Sloth Print Kitchen Apron Set

  1. Renee Rowe (verified owner)

    Fun for all! Exactly what I expected.

  2. Pearl Summers (verified owner)

    Good quality and value

  3. Mary Gonzalez (verified owner)

    I have made many people compliment me using this product. They are super cute and durable.

  4. Estelle Simpson (verified owner)

    Really good sloth print and a good product

  5. Laura Parker (verified owner)

    Good size, good quality for the price

  6. Lillian Collins (verified owner)

    Very cute product for getting attention from my kids.

  7. Jimmy Mason (verified owner)

    Well-packaged and definitely worth the money!

  8. Marcia Baker (verified owner)

    Good product. . Fast delivery

  9. Cheryl Cooper (verified owner)

    I got this like a year before these became really popular and available everywhere. Love that theres so many more sloth print things!

  10. Jane Peterson (verified owner)

    Love these so cute!

  11. Anna Mckenzie (verified owner)

    We loved these.

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